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HotJob Title

HotJob Title


Electrical Welder / Argon Welder in Norway / Click here >>>
Industry - Sudor


Type of job
Required Level
Advanced Level (>5 years)  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
2550 - 3310 EUR  
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
30 - 50  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description
Role and Responsibilities: WELDER Cert. 111 and 141.
From the first day the candidate will be scheduled to Welding of the water pipe in the ditch, the boss pipes. Candidate must have a welding certificate 141 and 111 and must be skilled as a welder. There will be X-ray analysis of the welding work.

The work requires Norwegian accredited welding certificates, such as Bureau Veritas or Det Norske Veritas (NOT Germanische Lloyds) for 111 and 141 welders. Without having one of these two certificate, you are not qualified for this job.
Min.5 years of experience
Preferred age range:  30 – 50

Other Information
FOOD: Not free 
TRAVEL EXPENSES: The candidate have to pay MAXIMUM NOK 2.500,- for travel, we will pay the rest of the costs. The Flight expenses will be deducted at the Salary. The flight tickets are around 4.500 NOK around 2500 deducted from Salary, the rest supported by our client.
Taxes will be deducted from the salary in terms of tax cards in Norway. Taxes in Norway is from 26 – 36%.
Working hours: Normally 37,5 hours a week – with overtime possibilities.
Accommodation: NOK 135,- each day - this include internet access and power

1 Euro ~ 0,13 NOK

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Welder 111
Welder 111
Welder 141
Welder 141