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Waiter and Waitress at 4**** Resort in Rhodes Island Greece
Hotels/Restaurants Industry - Waiter


Type of job
Required Level
Intermediate Level (>3 years)  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
400 - 500 EUR  
Start date
End date
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
18 - 45  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description
Food and Beverages department:
- cleaning up the work area before the start;
- making sure that tables are read, ashtrays are put on the places, and everything is read for the clients' lunch or dinner, or breakfast!
- serving in a restaurant means being able to remember the food deliveries, as well as carrying trays full of plates, and knowing the ethics of placing the order in front of the clients (unless of the  position is of waitress-waiter assistant).
At the end of the day you have to gather everything, plates, knifes, spoons, clean up the area, the tables, and rinse up the accessories if needed and placing it to dishwashing machine.
Waitress needs to be smiling, careful with the clients even if the client is too harsh or of a difficult character- demanding! Clean uniforms and smiling faces as well as politeness is always a must while on duty!
All the F&B applicants have to be appointed for the menu of the day to appoint any customers asking information.

There are two type of placements for this job:
- Work and Travel placement: only for students. All the candidates need to have the student status. The previous experience in hospitality field is recommended not mandatory.
- Work Experience placements: everybody can apply.  At least one year of previous experience in hospitality is mandatory.
The English level skilled at minim conversational is required. German and France is a second must.

Other Information
For Work and Travel program, all the students will receive a 200 Euros bonus or higher pocket money will be arranged for the airticket issue.


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