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Sellers in U.S. (Louisiana) with Internship Program (J1 Visa)
Sales / Trade - Salesman


Type of job
Required Level
Entry Level (<3 years)  
United States  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
1280 - 1280 USD  
Start date
End date
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
18 - 35  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description
The Internship programs are designed to allow students and professionals to come to the United States to gain exposure to U.S. culture and to receive training and exposure to U.S. business practices in their chosen field

General information about orientation phases:

Orientation is designed to build a foundation for a successful training program, the participants first month will be dedicated to providing an orientation that introduces the participant to policies, procedures, general operations and customer service standards. During orientation valuable knowledge is obtained and key relationships are formed.
During the first month of training, the participant will be orientated to the host property, the United States, the local community, and our client's Professional Development and Cultural Exchange Program. Orientation includes introduction to companies operations and services, host property rules, regulations, policies and procedures as well as customer service standards. Our client orientation includes program requirements, life in the USA and customer service. Participant will have the opportunity to get acclimated to the local community and new culture. During this phase it is the objective for the trainee to be orientated to the basic principles of management as well as the corporate and property mission and vision. This learning is designed to train the participant in the companies culture and goals in order to be an effective team leader.
The expectations of the participants responsibilities will be covered as well as the schedule for the participant’s evaluations of performance. Topics include; guest services, standards, safety, security, conduct, appearance, and scheduling policies.

The host training manager will provide day to day supervision and feedback for the participant. It is the responsibility of the host training manager to ensure the participant’s questions and concerns are addressed. Participant will be evaluated by both our client site supervisor and direct trainer in department.

The objective of the next phase is to introduce the participant to the daily operations and expectations of operating and managing an American Store, specifically relating to ordering and forecasting. It establishes the standard for future learning to enable the participant to explore the compliance, ordering, forecasting and financial responsibilities of a manager.

Participant will train directly with the manager to learn daily operations and procedures.
She/he will be taught for compliance: general safety/working safely/operation alert/food service/come of age/clean air act/gasoline Class C Certification/ID Zone and Patriot Act Compliance. For Ordering s/he will be trained in the following: Your role as an order writer/overview to forecasting/forecasting basics/Product Basics/Shelf Sequencing/Weekly Merchandising Cycle/Adding or Deleting a Product/Forecasting Aggressively. For forecasting s/he will be taught the following: Counting Inventory/Setting a Minimum/Matching Forecast Period to Sales/Forecasting Non-Daily Items/Advanced Non-Daily Ordering Verification. Finally, in the area of Daily Forecasting s/he will understand Fresh Food,Using the ISP to Forecast Fresh Food, Single Day Forecasting, Forecasting 2 day items, Non Daily Ordered DailyForecasting and Sampling.

On-the-job training is a necessary and required part of this experience in order for the intern to relate the theoretical to the practical. Customer and co-worker contact is essential and mandatory in the service industry and economy. On-thejob training allows the trainer to witness how the intern performs in different areas, after completion of training course, therefore, determining which areas need to be revisited and training further expanded. This allows the opportunity for inventory on progress the intern is making, giving the chance to promote intern to the next phase of training.
In the next phase of the training, the participant will learn ordering, sales, product review, while fine tuning skills in quality assurance, service standards, up selling techniques and problem resolution. S/he will become familiar with the daily operations of cashier operations. The participant will learn the company's customer service standards. S/he will develop communication and interpersonal skills. This phase of the training will enhance the participant’s ability to organize, delegate assignments, and solve daily problems. The training during this phase will allow the participant to be exposed to the knowledge and skills required to manage and train employees in this position.

While performing hands on training as a supervisor/manager, participant will gain experience and be exposed to:
•The role of the manager in the performance management process
•Recognizing and overcoming factors that make managing performance challenging
•Performance management tools.
•Collaborative goal setting
•Using ongoing feedback and effective performance-based communication
•Planning and writing performance appraisals, incorporating employee input
•Delivering a collaborative performance appraisal
•Engaging employees in the performance management process

•Must be currently enrolled in a post secondary degree or certificate granting institution or have graduated less than 12 months ago from the program start date.
•Subject of study must be directly related to the economic or business administration.
•The participant must intend to enter the United States solely for the purpose of practical training and not to abandon non-immigrant status.
•The participant cannot have previously participated on a J-1 visa program in the same category or any other category in the previous 2 years. (Some exceptions to this criterion may apply for university students only.)
•Participants must know English well enough to enable them to function in an English-speaking environment, both during the normal work period and non-working hours.
•The participant must be medically qualified to perform the specific duties to be assigned.
•Must be between 18 and 35 years old

Other Information
The fees involved in this process are in amount of 2495 USD and include:
•12 months of placement in a paid internship
•Administrative cost associated with visa processing
•Visa Form Processing & Issuing of DS2019 Form
•The DS 160 Form and full assistance with the Romanian Consulate.
•Cost of mailing all documents
•SERVLEAD and Service Basics Course Manuals
•WE Professional Certification Program
•Orientation and other pre-departure advisory services
•Medical Insurance for the duration of your stay. The medical insurance meets the Department of States rules and standards !

The program fees DO NOT include:
•Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee: 180 USD
•Non-Immigrant Visa Application at the US Embassy in Romania: 140 USD
•Travel Expense: round trip plane ticket 800 - 1000 USD

Click here >>> for more details about Internship program (romanian language)


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