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Self Employed Care assistants in Care Homes from UK - £7,5/hour
Health / Medical / Pharmacy - Care assistant


Type of job
Required Level
Entry Level (<3 years)  
United Kingdom  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
1200 - 1800 GBP  
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
25 - 50  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description

Care assistant jobs improve the lives of vulnerable people.

You will work with people on a weekly or daily basis assisting them in practical activities such as going to the shops or helping people to bed. You could be working in a care home or visiting people in their own homes depending on the job and assisting care workers in their activities

-Caring for you clients, who can include: children, the elderly, and people with disabilities and families; by assisting with medications to helping with household chores. There will be slight differences in the type of activities depending if you are a day or night care assistant.

-Assisting with other care staff e.g. care manager, home manager and care workers

-You may be liaising with people from other departments such as; social services, housing officers and GP’s, so you will need to have good communication skills.

-You will need to be sensitive to people of different backgrounds and be able to listen and communicate well with your clients. A second language may be required in some cases.

-Generally you will need to be a caring and patient person

-Some post require you to be driver.

Locations: The care homes are especially situated in quiet places, surrounded by peace and silence, far the agitation from the agitation from the big cities. At first all candidates arrive to our partner's office from Doncaster for Induction courses and in maximum 1 week they are assigned with a permanent placement. The permanent placements can be anywhere within the UK.

For more info about the general terms of Care Assistants program, feel free to visit our info section. <<< Click here >>>


All the candidates must have an online CV in Work Experience data base containing at least the following:

- experience with vulnerable adults and elderly care, as care assistant, social assistant, elderly care, care givers, etc.

- English - candidates starting with medium level are accepted, no medical terms are  necessary

- at the beginning of the contract to be willing to spend minimum of £500 necessary to pay for your own transport, accommodation and other personal expenses until you receive the first salary which in in 3 weeks after you began the work

Previous Experience and English is a must.

Other requirements:

-The Care Homes prefer females but man also are accepted if they have good experience and good English.

-Age range preferable is from 25 to 50 but The Care Homes accept from 20 to 55 if there is good experience and good English

-Qualification diploma is not required, but if you have one t my be an advantage.

Any interested candidate must accept the Care Assistants in UK Program that involves the fallowing terms:

The care staff we place will be Self Employed. Our services will include finding proper accommodation, arranging National Insurance Number, bank accounts, applying to the Home Office for the Registration Certificate, complete all administration work and completing your self employed documentation we will also work with your accountant to make sure that you submit all paperwork in relation to the HMRC making sure that you are able to work as a self employed person in the UK Legally.

Before leaving for UK any candidate should have a minimum of £600 to support the expenses with the DBS, accommodation deposit and money to support themselves for 2  weeks, until receiving the first salary.

For more details about the program cost, please visit our financial terms from info section. <<< Click here >>>

Other Information

Free placement - Work Experience provides all its services for free. The costs of the placement will be covered by the employer. But any candidate should have a minimum of £400 to cover the expenses with accommodation deposit and pocket money and also to support themselves for 3 to 4 weeks, until receiving the first salary.

Salary - starting from £7.5/hour. After a few months the salary may increase. The minimum working hours/week is 40 but the care homes provide up to 60 working hours/week for the candidates interested to work extra.

Hours Per Week: minimum 40 with the possibility of overtime hours up to 60 and more.

Type of Employers: Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Dementia Homes, End of Life Units

Accommodation: is provided by the agency at £70 per week for the first week when the candidates will follow the training. After the candidates are assigned at the care home the agency will find accommodation in the work place area. The price will be according to the market value, witch is starting from £80 per week, per person, depending on location. The accommodation is usually in shared homes.

Utilities: the majority of the accommodations have the bills included in the price of the accommodation.

Food: Some employers provide food during work shifts. You can also cook at the accommodation.

Transport: If the accommodation is not walking distance from the employer you will pay a maximum of £3-5 for a return trip daily.  This will be rare cases.

State Taxes: taxes are played from the annual profit.

Contract period: Minimum of 52 weeks contract, with possibility of extension accordingly to the agreement with the employer
All candidates go directly to Doncaster where they attend the Induction courses and apply to DBS (UK Criminal Record) and in maximum 1 week they are assigned with a placement. 

For more details please contact us by phone at   0731 332 345 or by email at - consultant Alina Maria But.


Care Assistants in UK
Care Assistants in UK