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Nurses in Italy
Health / Medical / Pharmacy - Nurse


Type of job
Required Level
Intermediate Level (>3 years)  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
1800 - 1800 EUR  
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
20 - 55  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description
We are pleased to offer the opportunity to work on a contract basis in the Italian health system. The placements are on the network of state hospitals in the area of Udine, Genoa and Milan.

To participate in this program all the candidates must have nurse qualification. Experience and knowledge of Italian language is an advantage but are not mandatory. For those who do not speak Italian, we are arranging Italian courses in Italy, focusing on specific medical terms!

•  Recognition of diploma nurses and midwives by the Ministry of Health from Italy;
•  Proof of enrollment in National Federation of Professional Nursing Colleges Italian: Details on;
•  Valid ID;

Please contact Work Experience for more details about the legal procedure of working in Italy as nurse.

Other Information
The salary is subject to different bonuses related with the Italian law system. The candidates will be paid extra for overtime, will get 13 salaries and vacation days are paid.
We are also paying the candidates who prove their willing to learn Italian language. We mention that this course has as main goal the promotion of Italian language exam to be held in the College of Nurses of Italy (IPASVI). Length of courses range from one month to two months and a half, depending on the language skills of each nurse. The courses will be held as follows:

8 o'clock day course for an amount of 28, oo €
1 - week = 140, oo Euro
2 - weeks = 280, oo Euro
3 - weeks = 420, oo Euro
4 - weeks = 560, oo Euro
5 - weeks = 700, oo Euro
6 - weeks = 840, oo Euro
7 - weeks = 980, oo Euro
8 - weeks = 1120, oo Euro
9 - weeks = 1260, oo Euro
10-weeks = 1400, oo Euro


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