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Network Telecommunication - Fibre Splicing Tehnician in Norway
Post / Telecommunications - Technician


Type of job
Required Level
Intermediate Level (>3 years)  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
3120 - 3372 EUR  
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
25 - 45  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description
There will be two teams: one working on ground performing optical splicing and another one on top pole.

Install telecommunications equipment;
Fiber splicing for high speed ​​Internet and other communications
- Work with FIBER CABLE - QXWE;
- Fiber optic cable fusion splicing - Insertion loss <0.1dB
- Welding, installation enclosure, junction boxes.
- Maintenance and development of optical fiber;

Each candidate has to prove first relevant experience in pole climbing which is the most important aspect! The candidate have to be a skilled climber and because the poles are from wood, they must know how to use pole shoes for wood.

Please see the following videos for details: Click here for link 1 and Click here for link 2.

They also have to be very familiar with the fiber splicing procedure and prove strong knowledge of structured cabling.
English knowledge: at least B1 (intermediate level)

Other Information
Accommodation: NOK 135,- each day - this include internet access and power
Food:Not free  
First there is a contract period of 6 months. However, the the work is scheduled to be longer – and if the candidate is doing a good job – there will be work available for long time ahead.
Travel: Our client has a arrangement with its candidates that flight travels will be deducted from the salary with MAX NOK 2.500,- ( Eur: ca. 305,-).
The travel costs around NOK 4.000,- both ways, but our client covers the rest. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST TRAVEL – BOTH WAYS.
Payment: Salary according to qualifications, starting from NOK 160 - 175 / hour
Taxes will be deducted from the salary in terms of tax cards in Norway. Taxes in Norway is from 26 – 36%. The taxes can be returned at the final of fiscal year.
Working hours: Normally 37,5 hours a week – with overtime possibilities
1 Euro ~ 7,85 NOK


fiber telecommunican tehnician
fiber telecommunican tehnician
fiber telecommunican tehnician
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norwegian boots