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Executive Chef on River Cruise Ships
Crewing - Executive chef


Type of job
Required Level
Advanced Level (>5 years)  
Cruise Lines  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
2300 - 2300 EUR  
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
30 - 35  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description
Responsible for the entire food department
- Set up of written duty rosters for all galley crew and staff
- Organising, managing and motivating all galley crew and staff
- Preparation and distribution of all daily meals including set up of the breakfast buffet according to the food manual (menu cycle)
- Responsible for the implementation and maintaining of the RC standards in the food department
- Responsible for the implementation of a correct food schedule for the crew, according to the RC crew food standard
- Responsible for all food and galley purchase orders in cooperation with the Hotel Manager
- Responsible for organisation of loading and checking of all food and galleys supplies
- Responsible for the food stores, adjusted to number of pax
- Responsible for the correct handling and storing of all food stock, cleaning products and all equipment in the food department
- Responsible for an impeccable cleanness, hygiene and tidiness in the galley area
- Active cost controlling and maintaining of food cost.
- Responsible for correct monthly inventory of food stock as per company’s instructions
- Continuous training of all galley crew and staff
- Responsible for the implementation of the correct appearance, as well as the standard of personal hygiene of the galley crew and staff
- Various preparatory duties prior to and at the end of the season
- Active participation in managing the hotel department
- Active presence at official occasions and events on board as per manual
- Regular presence in the restaurant to obtain feedback from the passengers by active communication

The candidate has to prove education in Hotel Management School, Culinary School plus supplementary experiences in five star Hospitality Operation and references. Fluent in English, any other languages can be an advantage.

Other Information

The employee is entitled to 10 days off per month. Per month or part thereof the days are calculated pro rata. Individual days off may be give onboard the ship according to the booking situation. The 120 days for the full year (12 month) include all days off/vacations days and public holidays according to Swiss law (52 Sundays and 9 public holidays = 61 per year)

Pension Plan / Insurances:
The employer insures the employee according to Swiss law for:
- Old age insurance (AHV)
- Unemployment insurance (ALV)
- Industrial and non-industrial accident insurance (SUVA)
- Sickness insurance (basic insurance - ÖKK)
- Daily benefit in case of sickness
- Pension plan (BVG – if applicable)

Please consider also the following additional information:
Uniform regulation on board


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