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Care assistants/Nurses in Elderly Homes from Poole, Dorset, UK
Health / Medical / Pharmacy - Care assistant


Type of job
Required Level
Entry Level (<3 years)  
United Kingdom  
Working hours per day
Days off per month
Wage / Currency
1350 - 1600 GBP  
End date
Candidate Gender
Candidate Age
21 - 50  
 Free Accommodations ?  Free Meals ?  Other Bonuses ?  Transport included ?  Medical Insurance included ?


HotJob Description

Two luxurious care homes from Dorset are looking for 18-20 new care assistant to begin contract in May 2017! In a few months Nurse job will be available for candidates that will get NMC registration!

Work Experience provides all the services for free!

Care assistant jobs improve the lives of vulnerable people. 

You will work with people on a weekly or daily basis assisting them in practical activities such as going to the shops or helping people to bed. You could be working in a care home or visiting people in their own homes depending on the job and assisting care workers in their activities

-Caring for you clients, who can include: children, the elderly, and people with disabilities and families; by assisting with medications to helping with household chores. There will be slight differences in the type of activities depending if you are a day or night care assistant.

-Assisting with other care staff e.g. care manager, home manager and care workers

-You may be liaising with people from other departments such as; social services, housing officers and GP’s, so you will need to have good communication skills.

-You will need to be sensitive to people of different backgrounds and be able to listen and communicate well with your clients. A second language may be required in some cases.

-Generally you will need to be a caring and patient person 

-Some post require you to drive.

Location: A luxury care home from Poole, Dorset, in the South West of UK. At first all candidates will follow an Induction Course of 3 days and after successfully completing the training they will begin work in the care home. Each candidate will sign an employment contract directly with the care home.


All the candidates must have an online CV in Work Experience data base containing at least the following:

- Experience with vulnerable adults and elderly care, as care assistant, social assistant, elderly care, care givers, etc.
- English language - candidates starting with medium level are accepted, no medical terms are necessary to be known
- A minimum amount of £200 to cover the expenses and pocket money and also to support themselves for until receiving the first salary.
- Previous care experience recommended;

Other requirements:

-The Care Homes prefer females but man also are accepted if they have good experience and good English.

-Age range preferable is from 25 to 45 but The Care Homes accept from 21 to 50 if there is good experience and good English

-Qualification diploma is not required, but if you have one it might be an advantage.


Any interested candidate must accept the Care Assistants in
UK Program that involves the fallowing terms:

The care staff we place will be Employees. Our services will include finding proper accommodation, arranging National Insurance Number, bank account, applying to the Home Office for the Registration Certificate, complete all administration work and completing your employment documentation.

Other Information

Discover the beauty of South England without any recruitment costs.


All the costs of the recruitment process will be covered by the employer.

Salary - starting from £7.90/hour. After a 3 months the salary will increase to £8.40/hour then the salary will be increased again after 3 months based on each candidate performance. You can earn up to £1600/month

For Nurses salary will begin from £15,5/hour.

The minimum working hours/week is 40 but the care homes provide opportunity for the candidates interested to work extra.

Employer: Luxury Care Home with Dementia Home, Alzheimer and Learning disability but also Nursing Home and End of Life Unit – Poole, Bournemouth, UK

Accommodation: is provided by the care home at the candidate’s costs at very good price, beginning from £50/week, with zero deposit money on arrival and no money in advance. Accommodation fee is deducted directly from salary.

Food: You can prepare your own food at the accommodation. The food is about £100/month.

Employment Taxes: taxes are played by the employer and can reach to 20% from the salary.

Contract period: Minimum of 12 months contract, with possibility of extension on undefined period.

All candidates go directly to Pole where they attend the Induction Training for 6 days. The training is free of charge for the candidate. The candidate is payed as employee for training period.

For more details please contact us by phone at +40731 332 345 or +40262 221 222 or by email at Contact person Alina Maria But.